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George W. Lyon
First Lieutenant­Co. I
Enrolled Aug. 20, 1862
Transferred to 2nd La. Cavalry
on Dec. 10, 1863



Bernard Ether
Private­Co. K
Enlisted Sept. 17, 1862
Discharged for Disability on Oct. 27, 1864


Hello...I'm Richard Ether, the Great-Great Grandson of Pvt. Bernard Ether who served with the 131st Regiment NYS Volunteers in Co. K, but unfortunately was injured in November of 1862 while quelling a riot in the Union's Parole Camp at Annapolis, Md. His service records also indicate he was wounded on May 27, 1863, though the details of exactly how and where are not explained in any of his records. His shoulder and other injuries would plague him for nearly the total of the 2 years that constituted his military service with subsequent absences to hospitals, until he was finally discharged for a disability on October 27, 1864.
I would like to express my thanks to Sue Greenhagen at the SUNY Morrisville Library for her valuable assistance in the researching of this regimental history, to Leonard Banning, Great Grandson of Corporal William Winter, for his generous input of information from his collection of materials on the 131st and for the super photo featured below, to Jeanne Brickey, Great-Great Granddaughter of Sergeant William Pfeiffer for the wonderful photo she as well contributed to this site which is also featured below and to Marilyn Doyle for the photo above of her Great-Grandfather, Pvt. Joseph Klein of Co. K. Thanks also to Kent Howell, who after enthusiastically coming upon this website that included some of the letters of his Great-Grandfather, Capt. Francis A. Howell, was kind enough to forward me the photos of his Great-Grandparents that now compliment and enrich the page featuring these quotes. A very special thanks to A. Carrington for her time and understanding of things "web-related" and for helping to find a home for the 131st New York Volunteer Infantry Web Page.

One of the things I've really enjoyed since the start of this website is hearing from you descendants of members of the 131st; reading about the fascinating information that you share with me about your 131st NYSV ancestor or sometimes I offer to tell you what the Adjutant General of the State of New York's roster for the 131st had to say about him in it's short service-related bio. If you are a descendant of a member of the 131st New York, I would very much enjoy hearing from you; especially if you have an old photo of your 131st NYSV ancestor and wish to see it rightfully featured in this site. Or maybe you'd like to share information concerning this not so well known regiment and it's theaters of battle or just want to communicate about things related to the Civil War, you can E-mail me at:


Excerpts From Actual Letters Written By Men of the 131st

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